AIRS, s.r.o. services

Range of services and deliveries

Company AIRS, s.r.o. delivers all phases of project stated below - from the initial concept through the turnkey delivery followed by regular service and inspection. We have specialists in the field of projection, construction, engineering and control systems. Using our own workforce or workforce of our partner companies we provide electrical, MaR, piping and other deliveries.

Industrial process control and automization

Optimization of industrial production processes

Machinery and production lines for catalysts and zeolites production

    AIRS company designs and delivers control syzstems for various technologies in different areas of industry.
  • Control systems for whole production lines and for standalone machines in chemical, petrochemical, power and mining industy.
  • Deliveries and modifications of conveying systems including control systems.
  • Reconstructions and modifications of control systems of single purpose machines.

  • For quick and flexible servicing and assistance and for remote monitoring and analysis of the production process AIRS specializes in secured remote connections to the control systems over the internet
    Industrial production process are highly energy and time demanding in most cases. Control systems and automization may often reduce these demands.

    AIRS performs research studies in order to find possibilities in the production processes for improvement and optimization.

    Conclusion of these research studies are applied by AIRS and results are then compared with original goals and evaluated.

Vacuum systems

Furnaces and dryers

Laboratory and pilot production units

    AIRS specializes in following fields of vacuum systems:
  • Vacuum drying (rotary vacuum dryers): design, delivery and optimization of vacuum systems for drying in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Vacuum transport (pneumatic conveying) for transporting of powders, tablets, extrudates and other solid materials. Perfect solutions for dust free loading and unloading of machines and hoppers.

  • AIRS is professionally trained in vacuum systems..
    Industrial furnaces and dryers are being one of the main focus of AIRS. Furnaces and dryers are usually are the biggest consumers of energy in the whole production lines. AIRS has experience with deliveries and optimization in various types of furnaces and dryers:
  • Gas rotating furnace for continuous annealing of powders, tablets, extrudates and other solids.
  • Electric and gas cabin furnaces for batch annealing and calcination.
  • Vacuum dryers for batch spraying and drying in vacuum.
  • Microwave drying for continuous drying of powders and other solids.

  • AIRS provides deliveries, modifications and optimization of control systems of industrial furnaces and dryers. AIRS also participates on manufacturing and deliveries of whole furnaces and drying systems.
    AIRS provides deliveries, modifications and reconstructions of laboratory and pilot production units or their parts:
  • Laboratory unit SuperClaus for testing of catalysts.
  • AIRS deals with particular issues for customers in his laboratory or pilot production processes, e.g. optimization of mixing for hydrogenation.
  • AIRS designs, calculates and constructs laboratory reactors.
  • We also helps to transfer the production from the laboratory conditions through the pilot production to the full scale production.

1 Idea / Concept

In case there is a problem with a current equipment or with production line, we are ready to help find a optimal solution. We focus on modification, new applications and optimization in the area of chemical, power and mining industry and single purpose machines. In cooperation with universities we are able to obtain calculations and solutions from different areas of physics and chemistry.

2 Feasibility study

The final decision whether to realize a project has to be supported by facts. Thes facts are included in the feasibility study. Feasibility study usually consists of description of APEX plan, market analysis, technical solution of the project, financial plan, risk analysis and time schedule of the project. Feasibility study is delivered in various scales in relation to customers requirements.

3 BED (Basic Engineering Design)

Part of BED is conceptual study of the process (process diagrams and flow sheets, material balances) and preliminary dislocation of the main equipment. BED also includes preliminary P&ID diagrams and dimensions of the main parts of the technology. Basic Engineering Design also covers concept of the control system and safety of the process.
BED is basically an ensemble of documents for BEDP (Basic Engineering Design Package), which is a basis for DE (Detail Engineering). Part of BED is a total cost approximation (accuracy +/-30%). Customer defines the scale and detail of BED.

4 FEED (Front End Engineering Design)

Stage FEED is being used in the area of large scale projects - for smaller projects FEED is covered by DE (Detail Engineering). FEED includes specification of the main equipment with preparation for their purchasing. Detail preparation of P&ID schematics to be finished in DE. Specification of the main piping traces, electric connections and civil works. FEED is a detail preparation for DE.

5 DE (Detail Engineering)

DE is the last phase before Delivery / Construction. P&ID schematics, isometrics, mechanical, MaR a electrical schemes, drawings a documentation is processed in high detail - on the level for the construction and delivery. DE also consists of the documentation for purchasing specified equipment including estimation of all costs (accuracy +/-5%). Part of DE is also a cost and time schedule and start-up procedures. Scale and contents of DE is always discussed with our customer.

6 Deliveries / Construction

We specialize in turnkey deliveries of small and middle size scale in the areas of industry and single purpose machines. Deliveries are done by our own work force or work force of our partner companies. AIRS delivers in the following fields:
- Piping and pipelines (carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic; any mediums and pressures)
- Electrical deliveries (electrical cabinet manufacturing, assembling)
- Mechanical work deliveries
- Measurement and regulation deliveries
- Delivery of control systems, visualizations and SCADA - HW and SW (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Control Web, Advantech etc.)
- Systems of remote connection and control, process data logging and analysis.
- MES systems implementation

AIRS has authorization for all dedicated technical equipment (lifting, electrical, pressure and gas equipment).

7 Service

Using fully secured remote connection to the control systems we are able to effectively provide service or modifications. We also provide service and inspections of all dedicated technical equipment.